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IKEA Studio AR SDK is an intelligent Augmented Reality solution that enables IKEA to incorporate a new immersive experience into their mobile app shopping experience and leverage the SDK as a standalone app. The AR experience moves IKEA from placing a single piece of furniture in a room’s context to give the user the capabilities of designing rooms with several thousand of IKEAs products. The AR solution can detect and recognize the physical objects and thereby apply the intelligence of only placing a product in the correct context. I.e. making sure that you don’t place a vase in the physical couch. It’s possible to design a full room, but also re-enter into one, so yourself or relatives etc. can re-experience your design of the room. The IKEA Studio AR framework therefore lifts IKEA’s AR offering from being a product placement capability to become a true design tool for everyone.  

When creating the rooms it’s possible to scan your actual space to create a 3D rendering of your room, apartment or house’s floor plan. This includes drawing doors and windows etc. Another design tool for the user. The later placement of the different products, will automatically be updated within your 3D floor plan, so an easy overview of the design can be provided. The room design experience can both be continued over several sessions, but the result can also be shared with friends or relatives to get their feedback. Exporting the room is possible through a variety of formats - SMS, mail, AirDrop etc., in a format where you can get the app experience without downloading the app through an App Clip. This way we’ve created a very low threshold for having a collaborative experience with others. 

The floor plan can further measure your space, so you’ll have the actual ratio for different parts of your room. This is both used to secure proper product recommendations for the areas within the room, but also as a potential guidance when you stand in the physical IKEA and would like to know if a product matches your room. 

The whole experience is developed, so it can be a standalone application, but also act as a SDK that can be implemented into already existing IKEA apps to secure the highest possible business flexibility and scalability. On top of that is the solution localized to the different regional IKEA apps. They will know what products are available in each region and have the 3D models of the products available – there are thousands of existing 3D models.

The AR experience is further closely integrated with the eCommerce experience, so you from the SDK within an existing IKEA commerce app can add the products of a room to the basket. A convenient tool for an IKEA customer to place orders confidently. This close link created a connection of the immersive aspects of the AR experience and the business potential. The AR experience is created as a very rich experience - focusing on beyond acting as a design tool to present the IKEA products in as realistic a setting as possible. The AR experience includes selecting between different product variants, adding shadows to the floor, adding light reflections of the room to the 3D products - all to secure a high fidelity and immersive AR experience. 

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