More Than a Moneybox

Concept, UX Design, UI Design, Industrial Design, Sound Design
Danish Digital Awards
Differentiation & Design - Nominee 2019
Retail Banker International Award
Product Innovation of the Year - 2018
Jacob Emil Ingemann Jensen
Esben Valløe
More Than a MoneyboxMore Than a Moneybox
Founded in 1856 in Switzerland, Credit Suisse has a long tradition of meeting the complex financial needs of a wide range of clients. Today, It is a blend of enduring qualities from the past and a highly contemporary approach for creating an exciting future. They approached us about collaborating with them to create an entirely new kind of product for their youngest customers.
Digipigi is a next-generation money box, bringing good old-fashioned values into the digital age. It allows your kids to learn about the concept of money by setting goals and reaching them, while parents can pay out pocket money and agree on a reward for special chores. It helps kids handle cash on one hand while also helping them learn about virtual money in online & mobile banking on the other. Digipigi responds to you with 25 unique sounds and facial animations, when you interact with it or do things like deposit cash or receive pocket money from your parents. This makes virtual money transactions more tangible and easy to understand for children. On top of that it protects savings with a secure magnetic lock, and serves as a night light, clock, and alarm clock. Parents can teach their children how to manage money with the Digipigi apps: Kids can set and track saving goals, while parents can pay out pocket money and agree on a reward for special chores. 
Alongside the people of Credit Suisse, We have been working closely with Industrial Designers as well as Audio Designers while exploring, conceptionalising and designing the look, feel and sounds of the Digipigi moneybox as well as the Digipigi apps. It has been highly rewarding for us, to be involved in the creation of such a complex product, and we are excited to work with Credit Suisse on their next-generation offerings.
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