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Hej Doktor App

Hejdoktor is revolutionising healthcare by making it easy for patients to connect with doctors and specialists online. Their redesigned website and app focus on user-friendliness and empathic design, making it comfortable and convenient to consult with healthcare professionals.

It's no secret that visiting the doctor can be a daunting and overwhelming experience for many people. The hassle of phone queues and waiting rooms only adds to the stress, making convenient and instant access to healthcare more important than ever in the hustle and bustle of daily life.

In recognition of this, Hejdoktor has set out to transform the way we access healthcare by providing patients with quick, online access to doctors and specialists, regardless of location or time. Using Hejdoktor's website or app, patients can conveniently communicate with healthcare professionals through text or video - when and where it suits them.

To ensure that the Hejdoktor platform is the leading choice in healthcare, the app and website was re-designed with a user-friendly and intuitive interface. With a focus on human and compassionate design, the platforms introduce a friendly and welcoming atmosphere that builds trust with patients. The design incorporates warm colors and empathic illustrations, adding to the overall comfort and ease of use. With a human touch and great attention to detail, Hejdoktor makes sure to take good care of the user, ensuring a comfortable and pleasant experience for all.

Hej Doktor app frontpage with appointments
List of topics for appointments
Custom icons for app
Custom icons for app 2
Illustrations made for Hej Doktor
Desktop design
Video call screens from app
Illustration for brand
Illustration for brand with medical treatments
Value proposition from app
Inbox from app
Image of doctor
Typography for branding
Weight-loss feedback screen in app
Feedback screen from app
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List of doctors in the app