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Put faces to the names

We are a people-centric organisation aiming to make a positive impact on those we work with by focusing on hiring the best talent and continually investing in our teams.

Kristian Friis Managing Director
Allan Aurelius Creative Director
Søren Ulrikkeholm Director of Operations
Villads Riber Mink Commercial Director
Karina Storinggaard Managing Director

We are a friendly bunch of engineers, designers & strategists who care deeply about our craft

Adrian Blanco Paananen Android Developer
Alanas Sosnovskis Video Content Producer
Alessio Nossa iOS Developer
Alexander Johansson Android Developer
Alexander Sund-Nielsen Performance Marketing Specialist
Anastasiia Dotsenko Developer Trainee
Anders Hedegren Head of Operations Unit
Andreas Stehle Backend Developer
Andreea-Ștefana Vrabie Android Developer
Arek Otto iOS Developer
Ares Lianos Backend Developer
Asad Riaz iOS Developer
Casper Domack Boserup QA Engineer
Casper Riboe iOS Developer
Christian Enevoldsen iOS Developer
Christoffer Vinther-Hoj Senior Strategy & Business Consultant
Christopher Sabroe Head of Operations Unit
Damir Sasivarevic Team Lead
Daniel Mejlvang Rasmussen iOS Developer
Dawid Bazan Team Lead
Dimitris Tsirozoglou Backend Developer
Edgar A. Zhavoronkov Backend Developer
Elyes Mansour Android Developer
Esteban Alarcón Ceballos Android Developer
Esteban Marín Betancur Android Developer
Eva Peillex Principal of Strategic Design
Frederik Dam Christensen iOS Developer
Furkan Koçak Android Developer
Gerard Sala Principal Android Engineer
Gergely Borbas iOS Developer
Gosia Nyka Designer
Greg Papaspyropoulos Backend Developer
Greta Gönczöl Event and Office Coordinator
Guille Aznar Designer
Gustavo Conde Team Lead
Hans Harck Tønning Student iOS Developer
Heidi Mortensen QA Engineer
Helena Eschricht Jensen Student Android Developer
Iryna Jurkiv .NET Developer
Jacob Hauberg Hansen iOS Developer
Jakob Vinther-Larsen Head of Operations Unit
Jenna Perus Head of Marketing
Jesper Schläger Head of Operations Unit
Jonatan Zelig Nielavitzky iOS Developer
Juan Pablo Villegas Román Android Developer
Júlio César Flores iOS Developer
Karolina De Marco Talent Acquisition Manager
Karoline Paarup Designer
Kasper Munch Jensen iOS Developer
Kenni Mose iOS Developer
Konstantinos Anagnostou Backend Developer
Kristian Trenskow iOS Developer
Kristof Gasior Backend Developer
Linea Lippert Senior Strategy & Business Consultant
Loke Zinck Android Developer
Lorenzo Larghi Backend Developer
Lukas Nielsen Android Developer
Mads Kjærgaard Senior Strategy & Business Consultant
Mahdi Malvandi Android Developer
Marcus Mattsson Team Lead
Maria Paz Abarca Web Frontend Developer
Marina Toledo Backend Developer
Mark Skov Jensen iOS Developer
Martin Alstrup Wagner Android Developer
Martin Stamenkovski iOS Developer
Mathias Mortensen Team Lead
Matilda Cederberg iOS Developer
Michaela Hampachel Designer
Michelle Aamann Designer
Mihaela-Andra Rotar Backend Developer
Mikkel Schläger Android Developer
Mohammad Fallah Android Developer
Muhammet Şamil Altın Android Developer
Nadine Amende Marketing Graphic Designer
Naser Ghodsian Android Developer
Nathaniel Putera Student iOS Developer
Nicklas Sienczak Knudsen Student Web Developer
Nikolaj Bo Christensen Senior Strategy & Business Consultant
Noa Witte iOS Developer
Norbert Pometko Android Developer
Oliver Nielsen iOS Developer
Olivio Mutaquiha Android Developer
Peter Højer Holdensgaard iOS Developer
Peter Mihok iOS Developer
Phillip Engelhardt Eis Backend Developer
Phong The Pham Android Developer
Rasmus Skovbo Backend Developer
Sebastian Ly Serena QA Engineer
Selim Mouelhi QA Engineer
Sergey Chsherbak iOS Developer
Signe Cadovius Talent Onboarding Coordinator
Simon Binderup Støvring Principal iOS Engineer
Sin Wing Ly iOS Developer
Skjold Elbrønd Team Lead
Sophia Svanholm Enegaard Communications Manager
Stefanos Chourdakis Team Lead
Surabhi Chopada iOS Developer
Telma Cruz Strategy & Business Consultant
Thomas Attermann Team Lead
Thomas Poulsen Android Developer
Ulrik Andersen Principal Backend Engineer
Ulrik Stoch Jensen Principal Designer
Valerii Kamalov Android Developer
Valeriu-Nicolas Vancea Backend Developer
Ziv Lavee QA Engineer
Zlatan Stadler Android Developer

It’s amazing that Shape trusts me to do a good job and gives me the big responsibility of overseeing an entire project. It feels good.

The atmosphere is great here. Our company motto is ‘do right’, and I think we are definitely true to it. It’s pretty unique.

Over the last +10 years, we’ve helped many of our clients build and accelerate their digital business

Christian Risom Chairman
Nicolas Linde Board Member
Ole Gammelgaard Board Member
Philip Bruce Board Member

Get a bite of our daily life

Bouldering club
Bouldering club
Summer party 2022
Summer party 2022
10 years anniversary
10 years anniversary
Lounge area
Lounge area
Casual collaboration
Casual collaboration

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