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Stackable TickrMeter stock ticker sitting on a desk

As seen on Danish national television TickrMeter is a stackable stock ticker for your desk. They call it the second-best thing to a Bloomberg terminal.

Shape has helped TickrMeter in creating an enhanced onboarding experience for setting up the stock ticker.

Bridging the gap between the physical and digital world with technology is a concept that’s near our heart at Shape. TickrMeter seamlessly blends the best of both realms, utilising clever technology to become the essential gadget for hobbyist investors, professional traders, and everything in between. 

Literally, build your portfolio with multiple TickrMeters or set a playlist to follow the growth of your stock- or crypto portfolio. Using the web platform, you can easily configure your TickrMeters to set alarms, track gains, or other helpful features right from your phone, tablet, or laptop. 

Following a successful crowdfunding launch on Indiegogo, TickrMeter has since established a flourishing community of enthusiasts, helping influence the future product development of the desk-sized stock ticker. 

On Thursday 16 February 2023 TickrMeter pitched their product to the lions in the Danish television programme, Løvens Hule (known as Dragons' Den in English), in the hopes of getting experienced investors on board and help expand the business.

We’re excited to follow TickrMeter's journey going forward.

Beginning of onboarding flow on the TickrMeter website
Wifi settings on iPhone highlighting the TickrMeter network
TickrMeter logo on faded green background
Animation of half of the stackable TickrMeter stock ticker
Tips in the onboarding flow from the TickrMeter website on faded green background
Showing person stocks and their current value on a radar background
Showing the onboarding flow when setting up the stackable stock ticker from TickrMeter on the website from an iPad