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Our secret weapon is the talent and mindset of our team

Guitar hero and chill in lounge area
Lounge area
Who we are

A place where Do Right and having fun go hand in hand

Do right – a mantra we work by here at Shape. It means we treat each other and our clients with respect and always strive to do the right thing in any situation. We have high expectations for the work that we do, and this means that we’re committed to making this a great place to work. We're not just fun for clients and colleagues to work with but also to be around. How do we know? We can’t get enough of each other. Friday bars, parties, social clubs, board game nights, playstation battles, you name it – it’s all just an excuse to spend even more time together. 

This is what makes our culture unique. We don’t just want to spend time together during breaks or when work time's over, we collaborate, brainstorm and help each other on all projects in order to get the best and strongest results. We care about people, and we care about tech – because let’s face it, we are big nerds, who pride ourselves on innovative solutions, great quality and beautiful design. 

Continuous growth and development is of the essence, so we encourage learning every chance we get. From in-house workshops and presentations to courses and seminars – whatever helps us become better at what we do together here at Shape.

Shape birthday at Matrikel1
Shape birthday at Matrikel1

For us, everyone is important. We value interns’ opinions just as much as that of the experienced developer or team lead.

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Get ready to have fun: Our many office events will keep you entertained all year round.


Parties & Celebrations

We know how to throw a party! Our yearly summer bash is a sizzling celebration that captures the essence of the season, complete with refreshing drinks, mouth-watering food, and upbeat tunes that get everyone grooving. And for Christmas we deck the halls with boughs of holly and go all out to get everyone into the Christmas spirit. Whether we’re battling it out with a water balloon fight in the sun, or competing in a spirited competition of drag queen bingo, Shape parties are always a blast.


Shape Weekend

We love what we do, and especially who we do it with. So, spending a whole weekend together getting creative, bonding and socialising is our idea of a good time. Once a year we pack our things and head out for a weekend filled with hackathons, team-building activities, fun games and delicious food.


Friday bars

It’s Friday again! And while we do enjoy some well-deserved time off during the weekend, we love to kick it off right with a little social gathering at the office from time to time – well actually it’s quite often. Sometimes our office is grooving to the spectacular sound of colleagues singing karaoke, while other times we’re battling it out in different board games. Costume parties, we got those too, and we never compromise on food and drinks! What better way to start off the weekend?

We love what we do, and especially who we do it with.

Friday bar in the inner yard
Shape 10 years birthday
Summerparty with Shapers
Summerparty with Shapers
Shape Clubs

From musicians and gamers, to athletes and speed enthusiasts, our many social clubs bring the fun for anyone, who wants to join.


Racing club

Racing fast and furious in epic Go Kart battles, Shapers join the epic battle to reach the finish line first and crown themselves the fastest Shaper in town.


Climbing club

Hang on tight, reach new heights, and get sore fingers and arms like never before! We love reaching for the stars or at least as high as the wall goes when we gather together for a fun afternoon of bouldering.


Badminton club

Game. Set. Smash! We love a good competition, and once a week the Shape Badminton club meets with racquets in tow for an hour or two of spirited competition and a great workout.


Yoga club

Nam-a-stay at work and relax. Yoga is great for mind, body and soul, so what better club to join than the Yoga Club? We get our stretch on at the office to the sound of professional instructors and get ready to tackle the day with new found energy.


Danish course club

Danish is not an easy language – we know. But learning it with your colleagues makes it a little more fun, right? We take on the impossible task of deciphering Danish grammar and pronunciation of letters no other language possesses. 


Hiking club

We’re not just about code – some of us really like the outdoors, so let the feet do the walking and the Shapers do the talking and see some of the beautiful nature we have here in Denmark.


eSports club

Some of us prefer the virtual form of sports. From epic multiplayer battles to innovative gameplay, our digital athletes bring lightning-fast reflexes and strategic thinking to the virtual arena.


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