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Make Your App a Success

Exclusive event
make your app a success
26.10.2023 09:00-11:00

In today’s dynamic digital landscape, the difference between app success and obscurity lies in two critical components: user attraction and retention. This isn’t just an operational issue — it’s a strategic imperative for every forward-thinking company.

In the fast-paced digital ecosystem, capturing and keeping your audience's attention is similar to striking gold. But how do you mine this elusive resource? The struggle for user acquisition and retention is real, and your app’s success hinges on a fine balance of intuitive design, robust features, and great marketing.

What’s in Store?

Join us and I Love Mobile for an exciting 2-hour masterclass where industry thought-leaders and trailblazers spill the beans on turning your app into a growth powerhouse. Here's a glimpse of what you'll get:

  • Actionable insights into a winning strategy and real-world tactics that have generated app growth.
  • Learn from leading brands how to leverage your app as the ultimate business catalyst in today’s cutthroat marketplace.
  • A panoramic view of the app landscape's latest trends, technologies, and opportunities.

Who is it for?

If you're in any role of digital business growth or business development, then this is the place for you. With expert speakers, good advice, and best practices, this masterclass will give you some tools to make your app thrive and grow in a fast-paced and dense digital market.

Speaker Line-Up:

We’ve gathered some great speakers with top-tier apps and experience in the industry to give you the intel on how to succeed in the app market.

The Event is Free – Seating is Limited

Given the exclusive nature of this event, seats are on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Don't let your app just be another icon on a screen; turn it into an irresistible magnet for users and a relentless engine for your business. 

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Niels Forsberg

Partner, I Love Mobile

Publishing a new app and hoping for organic app store success is a luxury for the few. Making consumers aware of your app and providing incentive to download requires a multi-disciplinary approach that is not limited to the marketing department. Initiating mobile driven marketing is essential to build broader market awareness and ease the process of installing the app.

Niels will show case examples of how to market apps in successful ways, covering both online and offline media channels.


Morten Christensen

Senior Marketing Manager, Circle K

Circle K has worked hard to bring their app to the forefront of their customers' minds, and the results are staggering. In this speaker slot, Circle K will present how they use gamification and incentives to drive app awareness, downloads, and more user engagement.

Morten and Steffen will share key insights and dive into the key tricks to apply, when doing gaming activation in apps.

Morten Christensen

Steffen Krabbenhøft

CSO, Brandmobile

Realising the increased text message pricing in Denmark, Circle K had to speed up the implementation of the new Circle K GMAP app with several new services - including extended push notification services. The app, combined with gamification, has led to some wobbling results in new app downloads, loyalty member registrations, overall dwell time in the app, and, most importantly, trackable increase of visits to the Circle K stations.

Morten and Steffen will share key insights and dive into the key tricks to apply, when doing gaming activation in apps.

Steffen Krabbenhøft

Christina Björkander

Head of Digital Marketing, Atos

How do you attract and retain users, who have undergone a total laryngectomy? The Atos MyLife app is centred around inspiration, product insights, and simple exercises, which simplifies complex information crucial for post-surgery life. Despite user’s limited tech-savviness the early and clear app introduction significantly enhances user retention. The key to Atos’s success is the timely onboarding process, accelerating user adaptation and driving increased revenue.

Christina will show you that by focusing on clarity and simplicity, Atos is not just enhancing lives but also establishing a sustainable platform that bridges the information gap for laryngectomy patients getting on-boarded on good routines early on and thereby offering them a better quality of life.

Christina Björkander

Villads Riber Mink

Commercial Director, Shape

The friction between the user and the digital product is often at an all time high when the app is being downloaded and at the first couple of onboarding screens. Drop-off rates are at their highest at this point, and it's crucial to nail this experience. The answer lies in quality. 

Villads will give a talk around not only the importance of quality but equally the importance of perception of quality when it comes to retaining your customers.


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