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Webinar: Investing in Innovation

Find out how new technologies are opening up possibilities in digital product development and learn how to use these advancements for significant business growth.

Webinar highlights

Exploring New Technological Paradigms

Discover how AI and Spatial Computing are reshaping innovation, introducing new ways to enhance product design and organisational structure. Examples like Humane’s AI Pin and Rabbit’s R1 showcase the future possibilities of AI-native experiences.

Enhancing Digital Experiences with AI

Explore how artificial intelligence can transform the approach to digital product design – from controlling every pixel to adopting a more dynamic, garden-like management where experiences are personalised and created 'just in time' for users. Learn to harness AI for more collaborative and innovative digital product development.

Redefining the Value of Apps

Challenge the traditional view of apps as mere revenue tools and explore their broader potential in value creation. This session will introduce a comprehensive ROI framework, illustrating with real-world examples how to understand and maximise the diverse values apps can offer beyond financial gains.

Villads Riber Mink

Hear Villads share his experience from driving
innovation in Denmark's leading companies





Michael Rotstein

Curious about the future of AI in product design? Watch Michael to learn more





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