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Analytics & Actionable Insights

Our Analytics and Actionable Insights services are designed to increase the business performance of apps and digital platforms – ultimately helping our clients become app market leaders.  

Results from analysis and data

At Shape, our clients have access to our actionable insights methods, expertise, and extensive analytics toolbox. 

Our approach has three layers:
  • Actionable insight discovery - to identify valuable action
  • Recurring reporting - to identify needs and potentials
  • Engineering a solid data foundation - to create visibility

Actionable insights discovery

When our clients or our analytics team see a potential or need for additional performance, we activate our actionable insights method.

We kick off by determining the most suitable methods to use by evaluating factors like the competitive landscape, maturity, and the feature set of the app, user engagement, and user feedback. We compare these data to benchmark and market data to identify the potential. A key component in moving from data to actual insights is the case-specific application and use of multiple methods, such as:

Attribution analysis - Understanding how users are acquired by identifying and attributing the impact of different marketing channels and touchpoints on the user's journey to conversion.

Competitor analysis - A method of evaluating and comparing the offerings of competitors in the market to gain a deeper understanding of industry trends and identify potential opportunities for improvement.

A/B testing - Testing multiple UI variants, to help identify the most valuable solutions and optimise conversions.

UX research - Understanding the behaviour, needs, and motivations of users through various methods, such as interviews, surveys, and usability testing, to inform the design and development of user-centric products and services.

Pain point analysis - A broad perspective collection -, organisation -, and analysis of the pain points of current- and potential users and make informed decisions of what problems to solve.

Based on the outcomes, we will consolidate our findings into critical insights and recommend coherent actions that will drive increased performance for the app. 

Recurring reporting keeps performance on track

The foundation for continuous optimisation is funded in clear objectives and goals for the app. Using periodic reporting of key app metrics such as; revenue, conversion, and user retention, we review and forecast the performance toward the goals of the app. We develop monthly or quarterly custom-designed performance reports on core metrics to keep score and know if performance is on track. 

In periodic reporting, we employ case-specific data tools and analytics platforms such as Google Analytics for Firebase and Mixpanel to obtain key metrics.

Engineering a data foundation

To fully comprehend the performance of your business, it's essential to establish a sound data foundation. The quality of insights obtained is directly contingent upon the effectiveness of data collection efforts. Our team specialises in facilitating the design and implementation of app data tracking plans, as well as optimising existing data schemes. 

Furthermore, we provide expert guidance in selecting the appropriate tools to construct a tailored tooling landscape that aligns with your specific requirements. Currently, we use speciality tools within message and notification analysis, business intelligence, data warehousing and machine learning services.


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