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Growth service

At Shape, we see that most, if not all apps, have a significant unfulfilled potential for stronger performance. From experience, it's often possible to capture much of this potential with a purely tactical approach working within the current app strategy. 

In a nutshell

There are two approaches to drive tactical app growth:


Growth potential analysis

The growth potential analysis is focused on finding short- and midterm growth opportunities. What actions can we do in the coming 6 months to drive increased growth?


Continuous growth practices

The continuous growth practices are focused on building a solid foundation for long-term digital leadership in your market. How do we organise, build, optimise, and operate our app business to win and stay winners?

Growth potential analysis 

The Growth potential analysis is a short 2-4 week multidisciplinary engagement, where our growth specialists go through your company's current app. 

The goal of the engagement is to build a tactical growth plan that will deliver results in 6 months. The growth potential analysis process includes multiple steps and disciplines.


Assessment of current performance and goals

How are the app's current KPIs performing?
How does the app perform against similar apps? 
How is performance against key competitors? 
How does the app perform against other company channels?

Benchmark analysis of performance against anonymised app performance data

We work with data from App Pulse. App Pulse is a Shape 2023 survey of the 150 largest apps in Denmark. The App Pulse survey is based on 3000 users’ detailed descriptions of what drives their preferences

Hands-on review of the app from several perspectives
  • UI/UX best practices
  • Communications review
  • Review of the app's technical quality and performance
  • Commercial CRO potential

Assessment of underlying growth tools

A review of the current toolbox including tool categories like product analytics, attribution analysis, BI, notifications and personalisation.


Based on the findings, we will present actionable recommendations for a 6 months growth plan that touches on all essential parameters available to drive tactical growth. 

As part of the engagement digital- and mobile business leadership is expected to invest around 10 hours in preparation, meetings and time for final reporting. 

Continuous growth practices

One thing is building one-off apps, but if you have the ambition to take and keep leadership in highly competitive app markets, it's essential to take a more strategic look at the underlying long-term practices that drive growth.

At Shape, we are fortunate to work with multiple Danish and international high-growth apps driving 10s of Billions DKK in revenue. As part of our client engagements, we have spent time optimising what it takes from us and our clients to continue being market leaders. 

Based on our experience we see the combined capability and resources of the greater in-house app team and external vendors. Our perspective on a winning foundation includes quality across several areas; strategy, team, decision- and development processes, tools and data, and supporting resources and competencies.  

In a dialogue with executive- and digital leadership, we offer to review current practices and build recommendations for building the necessary foundation for future app leadership. 

Our process includes a systematic review of the following areas: 

  • What are the current digital strategy and strategic horizon?

  • Are the supporting budgets sufficient?

  • What is the supporting stakeholder system?

Digital landscape
  • What are the key components in the current digital landscape?
  • How is the app positioned in the mix of user-focused channels?

  • How are decisions made?
  • How is overall roadmap planning done?
  • How is backlog management done?
  • How is the overall development process?
  • How is the quality assurance process?
  • How is release management executed?

Tools and data
  • What data are generated and how is access to data?
  • What analytical tools are available?
  • What operational tools are available?
  • What communication and user engagement tools are available?

Resources and competencies
  • What are the supporting resources available?
  • What are the team competencies?

The 360-degree analysis will identify areas of improvement and point to areas where we see the biggest potential. Based on the combined findings we consolidate and present our findings with recommendations for adjustments to all dimensions of your setup.

A typical engagement will last from 4-6 weeks. 

Executive- and digital leadership should expect to spend 10 hours in preparation, meetings and final reporting. Time should be set aside to extract and organise data.

Internal meeting

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