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Concepts & Prototyping

From first spark of idea, to drafts and outlines, through concepts and prototypes. We continuously chase the right features until we find it – because we know the impact of a strong product.

Exploring, imagining, redefining

We are comfortable working in the space of the undefined.

Through ideation, wireframing, flowcharts, and prototyping, we can explore the perfect product for your strategy. Combining strategy, KPIs, and business priorities with user flows, best practices, and a user-centric approach is the key to a successful product. 

You'll hear us advocate for users as well as seeing you as a partner and collaborator in creating the product. Through understanding of the business and users, we reserve the right to explore and refine until we find the product we believe in sending to market.

Rough wireframes session
Facilitate product discoveries

We see concepts and prototyping as a means to facilitating feature discussions and product discoveries and sharpen user flows

We collaborate closely with development to ensure that all solutions are viable and in the final concepts, we only look at a product we can build from the get-go. 

When it comes to locking down the feature set, we are comfortable doing so on our years of experience and the talent of Shapers. We only hire people that deeply care about and understand products – and the solutions we build will stand the test of hundreds of thousands of users. We always aim to craft the product we believe in together.

Let's meet and build products

We pick our collaborators and partners with care, and we trust that you do the same. So let’s start by having a coffee and see if we're a match. We would love to meet you.