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High fidelity design

Pixels, pixels and pixels. We love getting into the detail of the product. We care about each pixel because we believe no good User Experience comes without a well-crafted and stunning UI.


Outstanding UI

We love pixels. Our interfaces are meticulously designed, combining our experience and love for best practices, typography, visual hierarchy, animations, and of course your brand. The product we build will be an extension or main driver of your brand. We always aim to respect and elevate the legacy and branding of our clients. 

We believe that Design's a differentiator, and we always create a highly tailored design for the platform. That means we care deeply about designing for a mobile-first, native approach with a user-friendly design. Our products are functional, aesthetically pleasing, and packed with delight. 

The product's visual appearance is crafted and carried on in close collaboration with development. For us, the product is the end goal and we judge our design by the versions hitting the App Store more than the ones in our Figma files. This mentality is shared across Shape and is part of our product-mindset. 

All our products are made to be loved, and recent studies show that Design leaders within their industries have increased growth and revenue. To us, it makes sense that to create a second-to-none experience, every pixel matters.

What design feels like!

Let's meet and build products

We pick our collaborators and partners with care, and we trust that you do the same. So let’s start by having a coffee and see if we're a match. We would love to meet you.