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User Experience

We always strived to craft memorable, user-friendly and stunning products that stands out. Through user experience, we drive growth for our partners and improve the daily life of our users.

A need to have

Designing experiences that are both business-critical and beloved

Today's market is highly competitive, and it's rare that an app has a true USP to offer. How do you keep people returning to your app? How do you motivate them to keep choosing your app over others? The answer is User Experience. A great user experience requires strategy, empathy, and craftmanship – plus a bit of magic. It translates into happy users, but it clearly shows in the growth of the company and directly on the bottom line too. 

Designer show-off
Designing Successs

The sweet spot for product success

Great User Experience occurs when the key strategic initiatives are crafted into an app that creates a meaningful experience for the user and their needs.. This sweet spot ensures a beloved and business-transformative product. Or plainly put; an app you keep coming back to. We don't leave a lot to chance when we tailor a product around strategy, navigational structure, visual hierarchy, typography, micro-animations, UX writing, error handling, and much, much more. Our apps are user-centric while being business-critical – and also, they are memorable.

We carefully craft highly detailed and pixel-perfect designs with native app approaches and filled with extra delight. Making sure that every app we release has that little bit of Shape magic to it. In the end, we focus more on making the product amazing than testing and surveys – people will use a product they love – and we love releasing a great product.

Creating outstanding user experiences is a core value in Shape – and throughout the years, we have been fortunate enough to be recognised with awards within these areas. Something that makes us immensely proud. But in the end, it’s always hard to beat the feeling of a 5-star review from a daily user of our product.

Our products are intuitive, beautiful and feel great to use – and with the strategy of our clients woven into a loveable product, they are set up for success

Voice exercises - Atos medical
Atos exercise in app
Podcast player - Ally

Let's meet and build products

We pick our collaborators and partners with care, and we trust that you do the same. So let’s start by having a coffee and see if we're a match. We would love to meet you.