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Easy ordering on the go

Sector eCommerce
Features Scanning
Solar’s app supports craftsmen in their everyday lives by both being an ordering platform and increases their productivity with features like scanning, easy ordering, tailored fast delivery and a full new in-store buying experience.

Solar is one of Europe’s leading sourcing and service companies, especially within electricity, plumbing and ventilation, and has a clear ambition to be a leading digital player in the industry. Solar manages to deliver on this, with more than 50% of revenue through digital channels and a substantial amount of this through their app Solar Mobile focuses on making sure that the craftsmen can spend their time and focus on the construction site rather than constantly having to pick up new materials and tools in a store.

A major productivity boost, as you can spend many more hours doing actual work. This is advantageous for workers and their productivity, as it leaves a positive impact on the environment as the craftsmen will be driving a lot less kilometers.

Project recognitions


Danish Digital Award

Customer Experience – Silver 2023
Digital Value Proposition – Nominee 2023
Commerce – Gold 2020
Customer Experience – Silver 2020
Digital Design – Nominee 2020
Commerce – Silver 2019



Best B2B Business (200m+ revenue) – Bronze 2023
Best B2B Business (200m+ revenue) – Silver 2021



Revenue from 2020 to 2021

1bn DKK+

In revenue 2021 (134M EUR+)


More active users per year since 2019


More orders since 2019