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University Collaborations Fostering Innovation, Designed for Real-World Impact

Shape has partnered up with prestigious Danish universities, crafting courses and lectures with the same passion and precision we bring to our best-in-class mobile apps.

Our goal

Shaping the Future: Bridging Academia and Industry through Knowledge Sharing

At Shape, we understand the journey from academic learning to professional application, as many of us have transitioned from university seats to industry seats ourselves. With this personal experience, our goal is to give back to the community and bridge the gap between academia and the practical demands of the industry. We are passionate about knowledge sharing and aim to equip the next generation with a realistic understanding of what awaits them in their professional lives.

To support this mission, Shape offers insights into the mobile app industry, where we specialise. We focus on collaborations that enrich Mobile Development courses and other related academic programmes. Our experts are ready to tailor lecture content across a variety of topics such as Android and iOS development, Backend/Full Stack development, UI/UX Design, and Digital Strategy.

Additionally, recognising the importance of hands-on experience, we welcome internships and student developer positions—frequently the most common inquiry from students. We take pride in our track record, with many of our interns and student workers rising to full-time roles as developers and managers within Shape. This initiative not only helps students transition smoothly into their careers but also enriches our team with fresh perspectives and ideas.


A few digits we're proud of


We have some dedicated Shapers, who love teaching students all over Denmark.

Full university courses

We've taken upon us to teach full semester courses at university level with great results and feedback.

Guest lectures per semester

We guest lecture on BSc and MSc level for Universities like DTU, ITU, KEA, AspIT, Zealand, AAU, and more.

Positive feedback rate

We love sharing knowledge, and our expertise is well-received among both students and teachers. 


Universities we collaborate with

Overall I found the course, and especially the external teachers, gave a real world framework for how the development and working in software development would look like. This reason is why I felt this course made more sense than many of the previous semester projects.


First and foremost, I want to thank you and your team for an amazing, insightful and perfectly executed presentation! It was so nice to get a glimpse into the company, and to see that what we learn at the university is something that is being practised in the real world.


Thank you very much for the presentation. It’s nice to know what is going on in the industry – for me and my students. And I think your presentation will influence the students choice of subject for the coming project.

Most fun course I have taken on DTU


Get a sneak peek into the classroom

Karolina teaching
Karolina giving her input
Naser getting into detail
AAU Campus
Stefanos introducing Shape
DTU University
Lecture going on
IT University
Valerii teaching at DTU
ITU University
Any questions?
Olivio explaining Android
DTU Library
DTU Library
Copy of DTU_4
Valerii teaching at DTU
DTU Campus
Copy of DTU_1
Stefanos teaching at DTU
Students applying their knowledge
AAU University
KEA Campus
Juan sharing his knowledge
Elyes teaching
Elyes presenting in class
IT University Building
Iryna educating future developers
Iryna educating future developers

Let's shape future app-makers together

Ready to collaborate and inspire the next wave of tech talent? Contact us today to explore how your university can partner with Shape and transform classroom theory into real-world excellence.