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Rapidly Transforming PureGym's App: A White-Label Success Story

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Rapidly Transforming PureGym's App: A White-Label Success Story

Embarking on a journey with PureGym over a decade ago, our mission has remained steadfast: empower members to maximise their subscription and fulfil their full fitness potential. 

Undergoing a significant rebranding from Fitness World to PureGym, our recent success story is centered around the implementation of a white label approach, allowing for a smooth and transformation of the app's look and feel.

Project recognitions


Danish Digital Award

Digital Activation – Nominee 2020
Customer Experience – Gold 2019



Best E-Commerce App – Gold 2020


1,5 million

Unique app downloads across devices (¼ of danish pop.)


Average user rating from 10,000+ reviews

24+ million

Class bookings through the app

4.6+ million

Sign-ups to challenges

A quick intro

PureGym is one of the largest gym and fitness operators in Europe. With approximately 1.6 million members across 500 gyms, PureGym holds leading market positions in the UK, Switzerland, and more recently Denmark, when Fitness World was acquired and later rebranded under PureGym. In Denmark alone, PureGym operates 167 gyms with a total of 376,000 members, making PureGym the leading operator on the Danish market. 

The Puregym app
The Puregym app
Find a class you love
Find a class you love

From a user point-of-view, it was an overnight rebranding of the full app

Join classes with your buddies
Join classes with your buddies
Get healthy with your type of workout
Get healthy with your type of workout

A single codebase with endless possibilities

Moreover, we strategically incorporated feature flags into the user interface, enabling easy toggling off of individual features, allowing for different versions of the app to be created for different markets if needed. This flexibility addressed the diverse needs of different white-label flavours, allowing for a tailored experience, whilst still harvesting all the benefits of the single code base setup, such as only having one source to maintain, debug and develop on. However this is not all it does! A commonly overlooked white-label advantage is that of the whole feature toggling and how to work with this from a go-to-market perspective. The toggling on and off of specific features in specific markets allows the business to work with split testing to understand whether or not a feature will perform well or to work with a controlled stage roll out concept, that is not only managed by the app stores.

Our commitment to PureGym's success extends beyond aesthetics. The app, now PureGym, has been listed several times by Apple as editors choice and now stands as the fourth most popular health and fitness app in the Danish App Store as of January 2024, showcasing remarkable performance metrics.

In essence, our white-label approach transformed PureGym's app identity, aligning seamlessly with the evolving journey PureGym is on. Shape and PureGym continue to lead the way in the digital health and fitness landscape, building products that transcend expectations and empower users on their wellness journey.

Find a class you love