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Creating a bigger narrative

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Creating a bigger narrative

Aller is the leading publisher of printed magazines and weeklies in Denmark and the Nordics with brands such as SE & HØR, Femina, BILLED-BLADET, ELLE and many more. By introducing ALLY, we've added a three dimensional mobile first content experience for their audience.

Companies across industries have been challenged to keep up with the ever-changing digital landscape and provide their customers with quality digital experiences. With traditional printed media losing popularity and users shifting to consuming digital content, ALLY was created as a new digital offering providing originally produced content to consumers. Fewer people watch flow TV, listen to the radio, and read printed magazines and newspapers, and the Internet provides more opportunities for digital media to advance. Just because less time is spent on the traditional types of media does not necessarily mean less time is spent consuming content – it is just done in a different way. 

Shape wins 6 Lovie Awards

Project recognitions


The Lovie Awards

News & Entertainment – Bronze 2022
News & Entertainment – People's Lovie 2022


A young, modern and fully custom set of icons, animations and brand looks makes ALLY a stunning and unique experience.

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A few numbers


Growth in engaged sessions (YoY) in 2022.


Growth in time pr. session (YoY) in 2022


Growth in media consumed (YoY) in 2022.