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Be smart about your electricity usage

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Be smart about your electricity usage

At Shape, we’ve partnered with Norlys to revolutionise how users can engage with electricity prices, understand their consumption, and choose a greener option for the good of the planet as well as the user’s pockets. 

As a brand-driven company, Norlys approached us with the challenge of creating a meticulously designed app that harmonises with their brand identity, while effectively conveying electricity prices in Denmark. The synergy of Shape’s expertise and Norlys’ brand-centric approach has been instrumental in setting their app, Norlys - forbrug og elpriser, apart in this highly competitive market.


2 million

Sessions started per month


Unique installs in a year

20 app opens

Sessions per month for avg. users

Widget for energy consumption
Widget for energy consumption
Enhancing the CX

Continuing our commitment to digital innovation in smart energy solutions, we recognised the importance of enhancing user awareness about consumption habits. Transitioning from a fully public app, we have tailored the experience for Norlys customers. Now, Norlys customers can not only check their consumption but also receive predicted forecasts personalised to their consumption patterns.

Take control with widgets in the OS
Take control with widgets in the OS