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Come Join Us at Mobile Copenhagen 2023

Mobile CPH – Join us
Mobile CPH – Join us

20 Visionary speakers, 16 leading brands, 4 breakout sessions, this sums up Mobile Copenhagen – the largest Mobile Conference in Denmark.

On 31 January 2023 many people from different industries will gather in Børssalen in Copenhagen to talk, learn, and listen about the mobile space. The day is comprised of both keynote speeches and breakout sessions, and broadly speaking, topics include mobile advertising, social media, UX, consumer engagement, mobile utility, fintech, entertainment, gamification, technology, app trends, m-commerce, mobile data, CRM, Augmented Reality, and mobile creativity.

“This conference paints with a wide brush across the mobile space, and we’re excited to be able to further spread knowledge about apps and mobile and show how important they can be for a business to succeed,” says Kristian Friis, Managing Director at Shape.

While being a sponsor, Shape also has two other roles at the event. Kristian Friis, managing Director at Shape will be speaking on the transformation track about apps 2.0 and why they are business critical, while Villads Riber Mink, Commercial Director at Shape will take part in announcing the winner of the best Danish app.

Mobile Copenhagen is being held in association with the Danish Chamber of Commerce – the largest professional business organisation in Denmark emphasising the potential for businesses that decide to get into the mobile space.

“It confirms that mobile is no longer a side piece but business critical for many,” Kristian Friis notes.

The place to be

The conference is packed with knowledge and good advice from all aspects of mobile that you need to succeed within. From marketing to apps and functionality.

“This is an opportunity to learn new trends and get tips on how to win the mobile space. So, if you have an ambition within mobile, this is definitely one of the places to be,” Kristian Friis states.

Mobile Copenhagen has been around before, but for the last few years there has not been a conference or event with a specialised focus on mobile.

“It’s great that there’s now a mobile conference in Denmark, and of course we need to be there, and share our knowledge and experience. It’s an area that I would advocate for, should be on the radar for many businesses now that mobile has become increasingly utilised,“ says Kristian Friis.

A keynote from Shape

There are five different tracks at Mobile Copenhagen with different areas of focus. Kristian Friis will be speaking on the Transformation track under the headline: Apps 2.0 and why they are business critical.

“If we are faced with financial challenges within the next few years, it may be beneficial to focus on the channels that benefit your business the most, and I want to talk about how much you get out of investing in an app, as it’s the channel of consumer preference,” Kristian Friis states.

With apps, you have the opportunity to create greater ties with your customers and subsequently better user retention.

“Apps are no longer just in the apps, so to speak. They also greatly live out in the operating systems, and I plan to show some of the opportunities this creates, like better user experiences,” Kristian Friis explains.

A keynote from OK

OK is a Danish company selling petrol, electricity, e-mobility, parking and much more, and Shape has been with them since the beginning of their app journey, which has opened many new business opportunities for them. Mikkel Kaczmarek, Team Leaders Apps & Self-service at OK will also be speaking on the transformation track about being first movers with apps as a core channel.

“OK has done exactly what I will talk about and invested in the app business, which has created so many new business opportunities and positioned them strongly for the EV transformation,” Kristian Friis says and continues, “They have a great balance between prioritising the business on one side but never under-prioritising the user on the other. They have worked a great deal with reducing friction around the core experience – like at the petrol stations – and they continue to invest in it.”

You can see the event schedule and speakers here.

Denmark’s best app

Around 100 Danish apps were shortlisted to win best app, and subsequently a survey was sent out to up to 10,000 Danish users, in order to determine what they believe is the best app in Denmark.

Together with Anders Tilsted and Niels Gram Forsberg, Partners at I <3 Mobile, Shape has participated in the selection of candidates and preparation of the survey.

“The best app shortlist has been selected with several criteria in mind, but overall, they are selected across a wide variety of industries and are among the most popular in Denmark,” Kristian Friis states.

Come join us

Mobile has become business critical for many and for others it could have great business potential. Mobile Copenhagen serves up a wide range of knowledge and experience centred around mobile with keynotes from specialists within the field and from different perspectives.

With many years without a dedicated focus, we are now ready to show the importance of mobile as the main focus not just a side piece.

“If there’s one place you need to succeed today it’s on the mobile,” Kristian Friis concludes.

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