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Real Needs, Real Solutions: The Key to Building Apps That Matter

Mobile App Trends 2024

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, every business owner dreams of two things: High customer loyalty and recurring revenue. But how do you achieve this coveted status in the hearts of your customers? 

In 2023, we conducted a survey with over 3000 Danish people between 18 and 70 years of age about their app preferences. It’s one of the largest studies on app usage conducted in Denmark. Five major themes were identified, which have been turned into the Mobile App Trends 2024 report. Get access to the full report below 👇

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The Mobile App Trends 2024 report makes this increasingly evident, since 3000 Danes point to 'Simplifies daily life' and 'Being relevant' as being the most important drivers when it comes to accessing the value of an app. By creating a product that genuinely enhances the lives of your users and ensuring a strong product-market fit, you'll not only gain their trust but also become an indispensable part of their daily routines.

App Study Drivers 3-1

 Mobile App Trends 2024: Nine sub-components that drive the success of 150 surveyed apps

Creating Lasting App Success by Meeting Everyday Needs

Success in the world of apps hinges on one fundamental principle: Addressing real, tangible needs. Your app should be the solution to a problem your target audience faces daily. By focusing on solving these needs, you not only enhance your users' lives but also pave the way for long-term customer relationships. Mobile App Trends 2024 makes it clear that the apps that are able to help solve these needs, are perceived as being relevant. Hereby, they become the apps with the highest degree of usage and satisfaction amongst the Danes.

Perception of apps 3

 Mobile App Trends 2024: Usage, relevance, and satisfaction distributed among the most popular apps surveyed

The Cost of Neglecting User Loyalty: Lessons from Apple and Meta

To get loyal users and unlock the business potential of your digitalisation, it is all about building a product that people love, that solves a real problem.

If you are in doubt of the business consequences of not doing so, all it takes is one quick glance at the Apple R&D budget for the iPhone, compared to Metas latest losses in Reality Labs.

Product fit 3

Mobile App Trends 2024: Apple R&D budget for the iPhone vs. Metas latest losses in Reality Labs

Identifying Relevant Problems: The Value Proposition Analysis

Now that we've established the importance of solving relevant problems, how can you ensure that your app is on the right track? The answer lies in conducting a comprehensive value proposition analysis.

A value proposition analysis involves thoroughly researching your target audience, understanding their pain points, and crafting a compelling value proposition that directly addresses these needs. It's about defining the unique value your app offers and communicating it clearly to your potential users.

Value proposition analysis

Building a Product People Love: The Power of Prioritising UX

To create an app that captivates and retains users, start by prioritising the user experience. It's essential to build a product that people genuinely love before diving into monetisation strategies. When your app provides tangible value and solves relevant user needs, customer loyalty naturally follows suit. This is due to the fact that digitalisation follows the natural law that user experience is what drives user adoption which in turn gives the business a solid foundation for sustainable growth and profitability

The power of UX centric apps in boosting business growth and brand loyalty CTA

Solar Mobile solves tangible needs for craftsmen everyday. This has made the app a significant part of Solar's revenue stream and therefore extremely valuable for the business. Take a look at how 👇

The Value Proposition Effect: Unpacking App Popularity Trends

How far does a great user experience get you? Let's look at the power of a clear Value Proposition in the most popular apps. From Mobile App Trends 2024 we can see which products the Danish people loved the most on a broad scale.

best apps 3

Mobile App Trends 2024: Top 25 best apps according to Danish people

Looking at the overall Mobile App Trends score of the 150 investigated apps we find MobilePay (1), Kørekort (2) and Sundhedskortet (12) all within the top 25.

First thing that springs to mind for people within the industry is the featureset or the lack thereof. So how come they are top of the charts both in terms of downloads but also overall popularity?

These applications have something in common: They offer a simple yet compelling value proposition that resonates with their users and they are well executed. And this is something that is rewarded by its users.

Let’s explore how 👇


MobilePay simplifies everyday financial transactions, allowing users to send money to friends, pay for purchases, and manage their accounts seamlessly – all from the convenience of their smartphones. It ensures the security and ease of financial management, making it an indispensable companion for individuals and businesses alike. By directly addressing the need for accessible and secure mobile banking, MobilePay has garnered immense customer loyalty.

Kørekortet & Sundhedskortet

Kørekortet and Sundhedskortet both share the same value proposition just within different sectors - removing a physical card from your wallet and transferring it to your digital wallet on the phone. Perhaps, MobilePay, Kørekortet and Sundhedskortet all share the same value proposition – removing your physical wallet and everything in it, transferring it to your phone. A simple value proposition that has shown to be immensely powerful and beneficial.


The key to building successful apps is to focus on solving real, everyday problems for your users. This approach fosters long-term customer relationships and loyalty. Conducting a value proposition analysis and prioritising user experience are essential steps on your way to app success.

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