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Award nominations 2022

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Award nominations 2022
This year we have once again been nominated for Danish Design Awards, Danish Digital Awards, Creative Circle Awards and The Webby Awards. To be nominated for such prestigious awards and in such a broad range of categories is a testament to the great work being done by our team and their tireless and consistent effort in creating apps that manage to create true value for people in their everyday lives.

The two shortlisted apps are Atos MyLife and TV2 Regionerne.

Atos MyLife is an app-based tool made together with Atos Medical in order to help patients in their recovery journey after a total laryngectomy surgery. It provides information and guidance along with exercises to help patients and relatives to recover and adjust to a new post-surgery life.

Atos MyLife has been nominated for:

  • Danish Design Awards, in the “Healthy Life” category
  • Danish Digital Awards, in the “Digital Value Proposition” category
  • Creative Circle Awards, in the “Services & Utilities Website” category

TV2 Regionerne offers seven different apps - one for each region. Each of them are tailored to that specific region and grants the users access to a broad range of local content from news broadcasts with their own journalistic coverage to local TV series.

TV2 Regionerne has been nominated for:

  • The Webby Awards, in the “Public Service and Activism” category
  • Danish Digital Awards, in the “System Platforms and Architecture” category

NF Bio allows the user to find the latest new and upcoming movies, watch trailers and read movie reviews. On top of that it also offers a state-of-the-art booking system and payment flow to make ticket-buying a smooth and convenient experience for the user.

NF Bio has received a recognition for:

  • The Webby Awards, “Honoree" in the “Apps and Software Entertainment” category

You can read more about the nominations in the links below.

The Webby Awards  

TV2 Regionerne - ‘Public Service and Activism’

Nordisk Film - Honoree recognition in ‘Apps and Software Entertainment’

Creative Circle Awards

Atos MyLife - ‘Services & Utilities Website’

Danish Digital Awards

Atos MyLife - ‘Digital Value Proposition’

TV2 Regionerne - ‘System Platforms and Architecture’

Danish Design Awards - finalist

Atos MyLife - ‘Healthy Life’