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Your impartial personal assistant


Your impartial personal assistant

We’re spending more time at home, looking at the same walls, floors, and shelves. This has prompted an increase in home repair/improvement projects across Denmark. The Danish knowledge centre, Bolius, partnered with Shape to create an app that provides the tools and knowledge to make life a little easier for Danish home- and garden owners and tenants.

In order for Bolius to provide their mobile readers with a better and more personalised experience, they decided to create an impartial personal assistant in the form of an app. Many people seek guidance and information online when starting a home repair/improvement project, or simply when they want to know how to take care of their home or garden. For many years Bolius has provided the Danish people with content in the form of videos and articles, to help make life a little easier. Now this content can be viewed in an app that also helps you remember recurring tasks with schedules and notifications. This feature makes the Bolius app relevant all year round and serves as re-activation of the users.

Project recognitions

Webby Awards

The Webby Awards

Services & Utilities – Nominee 2023

Your companion for all kinds of home and garden projects, all year around.

Building your new summer terrace
Building your new summer terrace
Or a shed in the garden
Or a shed in the garden
Build on brand

The Bolius brand goes far back as a trusted and respected source of knowledge. We created a coherent yet updated look throughout the app to respect the brand.

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Custom icons for the app
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