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What should we eat this week?

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What should we eat this week?

The companion for thousands of families to find inspiration in recipes, save time and get healthy, varied and cheap meal plans each week.

Planning out meals is one of the best ways to eat healthier and feed the whole family fast. It can also be pretty hard to do on a daily basis — but the right app can make it a whole lot easier. Mambeno was founded by Marlene Landsfeldt and Morten Resen. As working parents of two, their everyday life was busy, and the daily brain-wracking in the supermarket aisles too frequent. The recipes and meal plans already out there were neither kid-friendly, realistic nor economical to follow with a busy life of full-time jobs, after school activities and playdates.

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Danish Digital Award

Danish Digital Award

Best Startup - Nominee 2021



Best Subscription Business - Nominee 2021


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