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We are shape


We make mobile apps that companies build their businesses on.

Our mission is to help companies grow through beloved and impactful products. As the leading app partner, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality work that gets you into the market. Our iOS and Android apps have a best-in-class user experience and a dash of magic that makes them stand out and stick around. We build products for daily use with a growth mindset – both in users' and our clients' business. 

We know bringing new apps to market can seem daring, and we plan to stick around after launch. We believe in building products that last and grow, and we see our clients as partners. Whether it is the first version or the tenth, we carefully craft experiences that people love with the business strategy integrated into every pixel.

For over a decade, we have helped hundreds of organisations, including large enterprises and small startups, increase user acquisition and retention combined with revenue and profits. With more than 80+ awards and recognitions and an average rating of 4.4/5 from more than 300.000 reviews on our apps, we proudly go to work knowing that users love our products.

Make Something New
Strategic app
foundation and growth

We carefully plan and strategise to ensure our products create results that matter. Through workshops and analysis, we facilitate a product strategy that fulfills the expectations of your users while ensuring the growth and success of your business. As a result, we craft ambitious, beloved, and business-critical mobile apps and celebrate our clients' success as if they were our own.

Improve a product
Design & USER Experience

User Experience and Design are business-critical in today's competitive app market. We work effortlessly to create loveable products that are second to none in User Experience and outperform the high expectations of today's app users. Our products are intuitive, convenient to use, and always full of delight. Our mission is to leave a positive impact on daily users while crafting the core strategy of our clients into the experience through pixel-perfect and enjoyable products.

Get Back to Speed
Mobile app development

We built native apps to stand the test of time – and scale from your first user to your tenth market without breaking a sweat. Our technical expertise is a critical tool to create the User Experience that stands apart, and we do not compromise on quality. We develop native apps for iOS and Android so the users feel at home from day one and with performance of the highest caliber. We take pride in engineering our products to scale your business.


The products we work on are essential to the bottom line of our clients. We take great pride in the responsibility that we are entrusted with, and our first priority is to exceed expectations day in and day out.

Our work is made to stand the test of time and handle millions of transactions without breaking a sweat. We steer clear of shortcuts and while we build for impact today, we do so with tomorrow in mind.

We have been in this industry for a while now, learning and collecting years of experience in design, strategy and development. It enables us to bring products to their full potential by partnering with our clients to achieve key business objectives, increase efficiency and make meaningful changes that provide real tangible value.


Selected Clients
Some say that the day you sign clients is the day you start losing them, however we like to think that the bond grows thicker the longer you work with someone. We are proud to have worked with some remarkable companies and formed lasting relationships with a number of them along the way.
Credit Suisse
Fitness World
Nordisk Film
Red Bull
Danske Spil

Jesper Buch
Founder & Angel Investor
"Shape are the best app developers in Denmark, in my opinion. Really cool, - they keep a finger on the pulse, they are down to earth and they are very very skilled to boot."

Jann Damgaard Hansen
Solar A/S
E-business Manager
"The app is a result of a strong collaboration between Shape and my colleagues across the countries we operate in. We believe that we have created a really great digital tool that makes our clients’ work easier and more efficient. It is just a cherry on top with the recognition that winning the awards represents."

Ulrik Heins Borgen
Danske Spil A/S
PMO Director
"I am so glad that we chose Shape as our dev. partner for this app. They understood the complexity of the assignment ie. delivering numerous bets in real-time to one of the largest online customer bases in DK. They are, by far, the best app development company I have ever worked with. First time in EGR history to win 3 times in a row!"

Lone Bliksted
Den Blå Avis/EBay
Project Manager
"It has been a pleasure working with Shape! We were in a hurry and needed an app and what we got was a flexible and very satisfying service. We have benefitted greatly from Shape’s creative inputs and sparring when it comes to design, user experience and interaction. We would definetly like to work with Shape again."

Silas Adler
Co Founder, Creative Director
"Our objective was to make a strong debut at LC:M (Mens Fashion Week in London) by going for an interactive experience. In close collaboration with Shape we came up with the concept that was the cornerstone to our succes at LC:M. Our app was made to bring us notoriety and provide inspiration as well as information about our collection, and it worked without a doubt as intended."

Claus Nielsen
Fitness World Group A/S
Chief Commerciel & Digital Officer
"The strong performance, development and results of the Fitness World App is an outcome of a close and integrated collaboration with Shape over years. Shape and the FW app have played a central part in accelerating the digital transformation, product offering and scaling the business. Shape supporting in strategically breaking down the walls for a traditional fitness club – by building sustainable value through digital products and helping more people creating healthy habits. The business results, ecommerce award and best digital customer experience awards speaks for itself of how skilled the team are. With Shape it's less about bullshit, but all about great people - building great products."